Health authority: Corona is here to stay

Meanwhile, new restrictions and vaccination plan unveiled as daily cases continue to soar  

Those hoping that COVID-19 would just vanish in a whirlwind of vaccines and restrictions are being a bit optimistic … at least according to health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen. 

During a press conference yesterday, Sundhedsstyrelsen head Søren Brostrøm stated that he believed the virus was here to stay – because it transmits much like normal influenza does. 

His statement comes after over 13,000 cases were registered in Denmark yesterday, leading the authorities to usher in new restrictions.

These are showing a negative test before entry to Denmark and showing a coronapas when using fitness centres. 

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Omikron dominant now
Furthermore, the government has also decided to hasten the strategy for 18-39-year-olds to get their booster jabs.

The age group will now only need to wait 4.5 months before getting their third jab, which means they will begin the vaccination process before New Year’s Eve. 

The health authorities believe that January is going to be a tough month, in regards to new cases and hospitalisations, and the State Serum Institute (SSI) expects the pandemic to culminate in two to three weeks.

The new Omikron mutation has now become the dominant strain in Denmark and SSI researchers have found that those recently given their third booster were 55.2 percent (Pfizer-BioNTech) and 36.7 percent (Moderna) better protected against the mutation than the unvaccinated.