Stunning turnaround: Messerschmidt to get retrial 

Decision could leave the door open for the Dansk Folkeparti stalwart to ascend to the party throne in January

In August, Dansk Folkeparti deputy chair Morten Messerschmidt was handed a six-month custodial sentence after being found guilty of fraud and forgery in connection with his chairing of the Meld organisation, and its use of EU funds.

But this week, the Eastern High Court overturned that ruling, finding that the judge in his Lyngby City Court case was biased.

“I am happy and relieved. The justice system works. Because this verdict isn’t just about me – but everyone! Everyone has a right to an unbiased judge … lovely that the verdict from this summer has been annulled,” wrote Messerschmidt on Facebook.

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Court beckons … and maybe DF throne?
The decision means that Messerschmidt’s case will be retried, though it could be some time before that happens. 

In the meantime, Messerschmidt is running as the next head of DF at an extraordinary national party meeting in January and the ruling could affect his candidacy. 

A number of party members had expressed doubt about his candidacy due to his earlier conviction, but now that it has been annulled, he could pick up more votes.