Significant shift in the weather this week

New Year’s Day could see temperatures increase to 10 degrees in parts of the country 

With Christmas over with and New year’s Eve approaching, Denmark faces a significant shift in the weather.

Temperatures started as low as minus 8 degrees on Monday, but that is expected to increase by as much as 18 degrees as the week progresses. 

National weather forecaster DMI predicts temperatures to steadily rise to about 10 degrees on New Year’s Day. 

Freezing rain warning
But until things warm up, DMI has issued a freezing rain warning for much of the country – particularly Jutland, Funen and southern Zealand.

Freezing rain develops when falling snow encounters a layer of warm air, causing it to melt and become rain. 

As the rain continues to fall, it passes through a layer of subfreezing air just above the surface and cools to a temperature below freezing. 

When these supercooled drops make contact with the ground or anything else, the drops instantly freeze and form a thin film of ice that can be very dangerous for drivers.