Half of Danes want fireworks banned for the public

Women and elderly particularly opposed to the public having access to fireworks, according to new TV2 survey

If you’ve never experienced New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen and you’re venturing out to have a gander tonight, be sure to bring your safety glasses. 

It can get fairly chaotic out there. 

As opposed to many other countries, the public is permitted to purchase and ignite fireworks in Denmark and when the clock strikes midnight it can feel like a battlezone out there. 

Perhaps that’s why almost half of Denmark wants to ban fireworks for the private sector. 

According to a new Megafon survey conducted on behalf of TV2 News, 46 percent contend the general public shouldn’t be able to get their hands on fireworks.

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Men and youngsters oppose
In particular, women and the elderly (both over 50 percent) are in favour of a ban, while only about 40 percent of men and 30 percent of younger people want a ban.

Furthermore, 52 percent of respondents said they wanted to ban the public from shooting off fireworks outside their own private domains. 

And 70 percent said they would prefer it if the period during which the public is permitted to shoot off fireworks was reduced to just two days (December 31-Januar 1). Currently it stands from December 27-January 1.

It is expected that people in Denmark will shell out around 450 million kroner on fireworks this year. And not all of it is legit. 

Earlier this week, the authorities revealed that over a ton of illegal fireworks have been repossessed in 2021, an increase from 604 kilos in 2020.