Familiar font? Yes! Feasibly factual? Yes! False findings? Yes! Fake flyer? Yes!

Be wary of what you might find in your letterbox, as the anti-vaxxers are bombarding us with iffy information disguised as official looking leaflets

The font is familiar, the logos and graphics the same: a flyer in your letterbox like several you’ve had before from the Sundhedsstyrelsen health authority with advice about corona.

But this one has a different tone. “How many jabs will you end up having?” it questions next to an image that would be more at home in The Acid Queen scene in the rock musical ‘Tommy’.

Four, five, six … is the subtext of the flyer.

Now a police matter
Well, these exact flyers have been doing the rounds in letterboxes in Aarhus and Aalborg, among other places, and continue to be circulated despite Sundhedsstyrelsen reporting the matter to Copenhagen Police and several other forces. 

The flyers have QR codes that link to websites containing sceptical and downright false information, according to the health authority. 

“It’s complete cheek that somebody is using our design and graphic identity to pretends to be us, so we had to draw a line,” explained Eva Tolstrup Ziegler, the Sundhedsstyrelsen communications manager, to DR.

In other corona news yesterday:

– it has been confirmed that from Sunday the time period between contracting corona and regaining your corona pass will be shortened from 14 to 11 days – subject to expected approval from the Epidemic Committee.

– the European Medicines Agency has confirmed that an announcement concerning Pfizer’s forthcoming pill to treat corona patients is imminent. Paxlovid is a five-day treatment tailor-made to ease the illness of recently infected people.

– since yesterday it has been possible to get vaccinated against corona at 28 pharmacies in Region Zealand, with pharmacies in Region Midtjylland expected to complete the jigsaw – the Capital Region, the Region of Southern Denmark and the Region of North Jutland are already onboard – today. 

– Aarhus bus drivers are for the time being closing their front doors to reduce their risk of contracting corona.

– there were 14,414 fresh infections yesterday from just over 133,000 tests – a positive rate of 10.78 percent. The number of hospitalised people currently stands at 777, and a further nine people have died. Over 82 percent of the nation have started a vaccination course, and over 53 percent have had three jabs.