Copenhagen ranked among top cities for being happy and healthy 

Danish capital is lauded for its low working hours and clean air in the 2022 Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report 

According to the 2022 Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report, Copenhagen is among the top cities in the world to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Taking metrics such as obesity levels, life expectancy, sunshine hours, air & water quality and the average annual working week into account, the Danish capital finished third overall.

“Known as one of the happiest cities in the world (ranking second, beaten only by Helsinki in our research), the Danish capital moves up two rankings from our 2021 healthy cities report, now sitting at third,” the report, published by, found.

“Copenhagen boasts the third lowest annual working hours, only behind Frankfurt and Berlin, with 1,346 hours worked each year (25.8 hours/week). Breathing clean air also comes easy in Copenhagen as it has the fifth lowest pollution index of any city analysed – the perfect place for any outdoor exercise.”

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Big, bad apple
Vienna topped the list ahead of Dubai, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, while Helsinki, Berlin, Stockholm, Fukuoka and Geneva completed the top 10. 

The report also ranked the bottom 10 and it was dour reading for the US, which had four cities in the bottom 10. 

New York was rock bottom, preceded by Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Moscow and Mexico City, while London, Washington DC, Shanghai, Chicago and Boston completed the bottom 10. 

Check out the report here.