Windy weekend on the horizon for Copenhagen

Gale-force gusts expected on Saturday and Sunday

Keep your hands on the handlebars! Hold onto your hats!

The strong winds currently wreaking havoc in Copenhagen and surrounding areas will continue all weekend, reaching something of a crescendo on Sunday.

Two lower pressure systems are responsible for the inclement weather: one that will surround the country until early tomorrow morning, and another that will pass over Denmark early Saturday.

A tumultuous Saturday
Wind gusts for the rest of Thursday and into Friday will continue to hover around 20-22 m/s.

While wind speeds are expected to taper off to about 3 m/s into Friday night, they will come roaring back into full force on Saturday afternoon.

Be prepared for gale-force winds, accompanied by gusts of 26 m/s.

While the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) has not yet issued any warnings for the island of Zealand, they warn that wind gusts will exceed a ‘Force 8’ on the Beaufort Scale.

Be mindful of potential damage
As always, it is important to be wary of your surroundings during the strong winds.

Branches and other small debris will likely be blown around. If you’re riding your bike, be cautious of cross-winds, as they may cause you to fall over unexpectedly.