Aalborg investigation: Car number plate leads police to address; two men are charged with murder

Searches of suspects’ homes continue along with interrogations

A breakthrough in the investigation into the disappearance of a 22-year-old woman in Aalborg on Sunday led police to an address north of the city this morning, and they have subsequently charged two 36-year-old men with her murder.

Whilst surveying video footage of Mia Skadhauge Stevn’s last known movements at around 06:00 on Sunday, officers were able to obtain a car number plate that led them swiftly to the front door of one of the two men in custody, shortly before midday.

The car matching the number plate was subsequently found at one of the suspect’s addresses. 

Lots of police work ahead
North Jutland Police is currently obtaining evidence at their Vendsyssel homes, which are located in Østervrå and Flauenskjold.

Not many other details have been divulged, but the police have confirmed that Mia has not been found, and that there is no evidence to suggest she knew either of the men.  

“We will be working at these two addresses for a long time to come. We have a large investigation ahead of us with technical investigations, interrogations and much more,” stated the police. 

Court appearance tomorrow
Given the murder charges, some might presume Mia is dead, but there have been other cases when the police have swiftly charged a suspect with murder in order to detain them: like in the case of Peter Madsen. 

Clearly the police appeal for the public to turn over any video footage of Mia getting into a dark-coloured car has paid dividends.

The suspects are bound to appear before court on Thursday at 11:00.

Images taken of Mia Skadhauge Stevn on the night in question (photo: Nordjyllands Politi)