Households hardest hit by heating bills to share 1 billion kroner

Some 3,750 kroner will be paid out per home to alleviate goliath demands

The government has given its backing to an emergency bill to support families hit by extremely large heating bills this winter – providing their annual household income does not exceed 550,000 kroner. 

An estimated 320,000 households can expect 3,750 kroner each.

Red bloc backing
The 1.25 billion kroner package, which has the backing of red bloc allies Socialdemokratiet, SF, Enhedslisten and Radikale, along with three of the smaller parties, was presented this Friday morning.

The blue bloc parties pulled out of negotiations because they favoured a far bigger amount.

Funds to phase out gas boilers
Some 1 billion will compensate affected households, and the remainder is earmarked for helping households phase out their gas boilers. 

The government has vowed to petition the EU to ban the implementation of gas boilers in the future.

Pretty unique situation
“We think it is fair to give this helping hand because it is such a unique situation we are in,” commented the climate minister, Dan Jørgensen

“We are not used to giving people help to pay such bills in Denmark.”