Don’t throw your mattress away – recycle it!

If you are thinking of buying a new mattress, you’ll probably want to get rid of the one you have today.

But don’t just throw it away. Over half a million of them are burned each year in Denmark.

Instead, you could bring it to Sydhavn Recycling Station before March 14. It will then be recycled as part of the city’s pilot project that was announced on Facebook on January 31.

Learning from the Dutch
As of today, only the metal springs can be recycled, so the aim of the project is to learn how to do more.

A container of old mattresses will be sent to the Netherlands to see how many can be recycled, but mostly how.

The Netherlands is in fact able to recycle up to 85 percent of the mattresses and put them to good use.

What will become of your mattress
They are a few things that can be done thanks to your old mattress. The first is reusing the metal springs.

The foam rubber can be made into sound insulation, among other things, and the textiles are recycled as yarn and felt products in new furniture.

Be careful, though. To be useful to the project your mattress must be dry and stacked inside the right container.