Gale-force winds again! All services passing through Copenhagen Central Station are currently suspended!

Copenhagen is waking up this morning to gale-force winds.

The wind speeds will intensify at around 10:00 this morning with speeds of 13 metres per second and gusts of 25 metres per second.

The winds will then start to lessen, but remain relatively high until around 14:00.

Third time in a week
It is the third time in a week that high wind speeds have struck Denmark following similar conditions on Wednesday and Friday nights.

The worst hit area this morning will be the island of Bornholm.

The only area of the country that will escape the current gales is the north of the country. The whole of Zealand is in the firing line, along with central Jutland and the whole of southern Denmark.

Best advised to work at home
Commuters are advised to check local transport services, which are subject to change (see current DSB schedules below).

No overland train services, for the time being, will be passing through Copenhagen Central Station due to signal problems.

An update from DSB is expected at 08:00 this morning.