Danish women have higher education levels, but less valuable pensions than men

Men on average have 190,000 kroner more than women when they retire despite being out-performed in education

Once more the statistics reveal a big disparity between men and women when in comes to earning money.

Despite the average woman outperforming her male counterpart in higher education, they still end up with less than men when it comes to their pension.

Huge strides in recent decades
According to Statistiks Danmark, more than 30 percent of women aged between 60 and 64 – those about to retire – have completed a medium or long-term higher education course. For men, the figure falls 21 percent.

Some 36 years ago – in 1986 – only 7 percent of women had such a degree, so they have come a long way in three and a half decades.

190,000 kroner difference
But despite the fact that women have way more higher education diplomas than men, they still get less than them when they retire. The average difference is 190,000 kroner.

Men get an average pension of 780,000 kroner, while women must get along with an average of 590,000 kroner set aside for old age.