Is it Really Necessary to Own a Car in Copenhagen?

We live in a consumer digital world where we’re constantly on the go, moving, and traveling for work or pleasure. Undoubtedly, for any type of travel, we need transportation. We can travel either by car, bus, plane, etc. when leaving the country. We usually always choose the cheapest and most suitable option in such cases.

But what about transportation within one city? Is owning a car the most convenient option? The answer varies from city to city, but in this text, we’ll solely focus on Copenhagen and present you with transportation alternatives to owning a car and moving around in it. Do you need to own a car in Copenhagen?

To answer this question bluntly, no, you don’t. But as you probably now have many questions about what type of transportation you can use instead of purchasing a car, read our list below to see the most convenient alternatives.      

List of the most convenient types of transportation in Copenhagen   

Here’s a list of the top three types of transportation in Copenhagen you can choose from and see that owning a car in Copenhagen is not a necessity: 

Car rental and car sharing
In Copenhagen, you can reach HejOscar, a reputable Car Rental Service fast, and drive around the city in a flexible, cheap, and convenient way. As one of the top-rated Car Rental Services in Copenhagen, they offer a car rental at the price of 249 DKK per day, or 99 DKK per day if you book a car for a minimum of 28 days in a row. You can drive 100 kilometers for free for one rental day, and there are no hidden fees, making car rental a cheaper means of transportation than owning a car. Naturally, there are numerous other Car Rental Services you can explore and easily find online. 

Another option is to choose Car Sharing, where you can choose an electric car, allowing you to drive around Copenhagen without paying for fuel, insurance, or parking. With Share Now and Let’s Go, you can find an electric car near you, as they are available around every street corner, and drive around Copenhagen at any time of the day and night. 

Public transport (the CPH metro system) 
The Copenhagen Metro System includes numerous lines that can take you from any A point to any B point in Copenhagen fast and affordably. Line S runs between five in the morning and half an hour past midnight. The F line runs every four to five minutes, whereas you can catch the lines A, B, C, and E every ten minutes. Every 20 minutes, you can catch the lines H and Bx. With a detailed map of every metro station, you just have to see which line fits your planned route. The ticket price is 20 DKK for adults and 10 DKK for children.   

Electric scooters and biking
Yet another affordable and flexible option to move around in Copenhagen is an electric scooter. There was a ban on electric scooters in Denmark’s capital in 2020 with a concern for over-cluttering the city. However,  the ban was overturned in 2021, and electric scooters are now legal in Copenhagen. Now you can choose between the services Voi, Lime, TIER, and Bolt in the Danish capital and rent an electric scooter. On the other hand, you can bike around Copenhagen across the designated biking routes if you own a bike.