Music Preview: A song for September, a concert for November

British singer-songwriter JP Cooper will be promoting his new album, ‘She’, this coming autumn

British singer-songwriter JP Cooper stormed onto the scene with the unstoppable ‘September Song’.

Scandinavia and especially Copenhagen have always had a special place in his heart and that led him to a collaboration with Norwegian songstress Astrid S on ‘Sing With Me’.

He’s coming to Store Vega on November 5 for a show – find out why this is the show you won’t want to miss in this interview.

How did you keep your fan base engaged during the pandemic?

We decided to regularly do little Instagram live sessions.  We did a couple of Zooms as well – every Monday, I’d play a few songs and we’d have a chat. It was actually quite an amazing time to connect with people – because everybody was at home. We found a positive there.

What’s the importance of acoustic versions to you?

My favourite part of the live shows was always when, in the middle of the show, they’d strip it back and do a few acoustic numbers. I always wanted to do those versions. I think it’s so important people can still access the bones of the song – the raw ingredients.

What kind of musicians have inspired you on your musical journey?

I accidentally discovered a passion for music just through growing up in Manchester. I didn’t grow up in a musical household. My dad was an artist so I grew up around creation – but not so much music. Me and my friends were always looking for new music. There was a store called the ‘Vinyl Exchange’ and they would have records by not-so-well-known artists and write a description of it.

Will you be bringing any physical copies of your new album ‘SHE’ to Copenhagen?

We are doing this tour a bit differently. We will for example go to a country for a week, do three shows and hang out. So for example let’s go to Denmark and do that – we’ll have physical copies for sure.

Is there anything you like about Denmark since you’ve included it on your tours?

All the countries in that region – my idea of paradise is the northern wilderness. Give me some evergreen, birch and seasons. Any time I get to the Nordics or Scandinavia, I love it.

Who is “SHE”?

She is many people – I wanted to tip my hat to all the women in my life. I found that most of the opportunities to grow were delivered by women in my life.

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