Parental purchases in Copenhagen

There are plenty of students in Copenhagen because the city is home to a lot of educational institutions. And because of this many parents see an opportunity to purchase or invest in an apartment for their children. Here, we’ll take a look at what a parental purchase is exactly.

Parental purchases secure the college lives of young people  

It’s always lovely to see your children succeed in life, but every time they finish something in their lives, something else begins. When they are done with high school, they are either going to some sort of college or university unless they squeeze a sabbatical year in between.

If your child has reached a point in their lives where you need to look into the future for educational possibilities in Copenhagen, then the first challenge is to solve the housing situation. It can be hard finding a place to live in Copenhagen, but it is definitely solvable with money. That’s why parental purchases are popular these years, but what is a parental purchase exactly?  

Expensive rental apartments make parents choose parental purchases as an investment

It’s obvious that a parental purchase means where parents purchase an apartment on behalf of their children. This is done because the children more often than not don’t have the finances to buy their own place and renting an apartment in Copenhagen is not as easy as renting something in other parts of the country, which is cheaper as well.

Besides, it’s a shame to throw away money after a lease that doesn’t give you ownership rights, when you in most cases would be able to use the same money on something you own when the purchase is done. Therefore, you could say that it is a kind of investment, and the parents who purchased an apartment on behalf of their children 10-20 years ago, will most likely have made good money on that investment today.

Get the right counseling

It’s a good idea to get counseling from for example a housing lawyer when considering a parental purchase. If you find a housing lawyer with a lot of experience with this, you will be more likely to get a good deal but also receive help regarding paperwork and documents that will need to be filled out in regards to the parental purchase.

As said, there are many things to consider with a parental purchase and therefore it’s important that you don’t just accept the first offer that springs to mind. In some cases, you might risk purchasing something your children can’t use. So, consider your options and don’t compromise. Get the right counseling and see the purchase as an investment that might benefit you and your children in the future.