Writing history with a job at Rambøll

Imagine a job where your input can help to write history, make indelible impressions on people’s lives, and shape the very landscapes we frequent.

Because at Rambøll, the largest consulting engineering group in the Nordics, you are the very stones that built the Øresund Bridge and Great Bridge Belt, which help transport millions every year.

You are the walls of cultural behemoths like the Copenhagen Opera House and Tate Modern extension in London, which have been delighting untold numbers of visitors for years.

In the disposable age in which we live, Rambøll is a company that leaves lasting impressions, speaking to both hearts and minds. 

Position in senior sales
Well, imagine no longer, because Rambøll is seeking a Senior Sales Excellence Manager to join its team in Copenhagen, where the workplace surroundings are truly astounding (see photo). 

Check out the advert below to discover more about your duties and responsibilities, as well as what is expected of you.

Submit your application by April 23 to be considered for the position.

History is calling. Are you?

Apply here today: https://rb.gy/0nijty