Maersk returns to the skies with air freight service

Shipping giant revealed that Maersk Air Cargo will be based out of Billund Airport and commence operations later this year 

Danish shipping giant Maersk has announced it will make a grand return to the skies with air freight service Maersk Air Cargo.

Operations will be run out of Billund Airport and are expected to begin sometime in the second half of 2022.

“Air freight is a crucial enabler of flexibility and agility in global supply chains as it allows our customers to tackle time-critical supply chain challenges and provides transport mode options for high value cargo,” said Aymeric Chandavoine, Maersk’s global head of logistics and services.

“We strongly believe in working closely with our customers. Therefore, it is key for Maersk to also increase our presence in the global air cargo industry by introducing Maersk Air Cargo to cater even better to the needs of our customers.”

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Not its first rodeo
Maersk said it would have daily flights out of Denmark’s second-biggest airport and enter into an agreement with the Flight Personnel Union (FPU).

Initially, the company will employ five aircraft – two new B777F and three leased B767-300 cargo aircraft –with the goal of its new air cargo wing being able to handle about one third of its annual air tonnage of freight. 

The company isn’t a novice to the aviation sector, having operated Maersk Air from 1969 to 2005 (see image below).

(photo: Gary Chambers)