Denmark wakes up to the Day of the Triffids … yup, Easter started early again, but at least it’s not snowing

That’s an understatement. Wednesday should be the warmest day of the year so far, and fine spring days are expected from Good Friday until the end of the holiday

Let’s face it: everyone’s on the make in Denmark when it comes to holidays. Copenhagen is as dead as a doornail this morning because the vast majority have been off since Monday, the start of the Easter school holidays, which conclude next Monday.

They’re on the make because those three days have mostly not come from their annual five-week allocation, which is more normally spent on three weeks in July (plus three more working at home at the summerhouse) and two more for the autumn and winter half-term holidays.

So any extra days taken off over Christmas, New Year, the Friday after Ascension Thursday, when Denmark’s won a big game of football … let’s just say that somebody’s turning a blind eye and approving en masse. 

The result is that Copenhagen (and other major Danish cities) is a ghost town for ten weeks every year. 

Pleasant weather expected
It might be a shame, therefore, to learn that the Danish capital will be basking in much improved weather starting from today. 

April began with heavy rain, hailstorms, frightening gusts and even some snow – winter’s last “cold intermezzo”, according to national forecaster DMI – but now we can finally start to believe spring is here. (Which normally means more allergies.)

“There is significantly warmer air on the way to us, so it will go up to 12 degrees. On Wednesday, new heat is coming towards us with temperatures between 15 and 17 degrees, and it may end up being the warmest day of the year so far,” promised DMI expert Anders Brandt to DR.

Thursday will be as dreary as ‘Maundy’ sounds, but more pleasant weather (temperature 10-14 degrees) is expected for Friday and Saturday – the best day for Easter egg hunting, advises DMI, but skip the beach, where the average temperature for bathing is 5 degrees, and don’t forget sunscreen if you’re out – while Sunday and Monday won’t disappoint either.