Easter 2022: How to make …


Card, envelope & stamp

1 Take a piece of paper, the fancier the better, and fold it a few times until it’s roughly the size of a mobile phone.

2 Cut patterns in it. A few triangles here, a few squares here. Unfold and behold! You didn’t know you were that talented, did you! For purists, it’s a bonus if it resembles a snowdrop.

3 Think of the most gullible person you know well – it needs to be a family member or close friend; it can’t be the checkout man at your local Netto. Grandmothers are popular targets, so if you’re kicking on, have a good idea of who your grandchild’s best friends are.

4 Write a gækkebrev (snowdrop letter): first a poem that must rhyme (including the line “Mit navn det står med prikker, pas på det ikke stikker/my name is written in dots, careful they don’t sting) and then a series of dots – one for each letter of your christian name. Disguise your handwriting and don’t attempt this if your name is Bartholomew.

5 Put the decoration and letter in an envelope (and maybe a snowdrop, unless Easter is still weeks away) and send it to your recipient.

6 Receive and eat chocolate egg should recipient not guess who sent them the gækkebrev.

7 Laugh like Muttley while you stuff your face.