MitID transition postponed by four months

Borgerservice has had its hands full with the fallout from the War in Ukraine, explains Digitaliseringsstyrelsen

The move from NemID to MitID, a new improved digital security solution that enables the secure access of sensitive information, has been anything but smooth.

With the June 1 deadline approaching fast, many people in Denmark have not made the switchover: particularly as a visit to the nearest Borgerservice (citizen service) centre is required by many to answer security questions.

So it is no surprise to learn that Digitaliseringsstyrelsen, the government agency responsible for digitisation in Denmark, has postponed the deadline for all residents to transition from NemID to MitID by another four months: this time until October 31. 

Pressure due to extraordinary circumstances
According to a press release published by Digitaliseringsstyrelsen on Monday, there has been pressure on Borgerservice due to “extraordinary situations such as the influx of refugees from Ukraine, changed passport rules and a referendum on the defence reservation”.

The agency has postponed the deadline to ensure people in Denmark have enough time to receive assistance from Borgerservice.

It is only possible to switch over to MitID once you have received an online notification. It is at this point that you might be told a personal visit to Borgerservice centre is necessary: to show your passport and answer security questions. 

Switch over as soon as you can
Digitaliseringsstyrelsen urges all banks and citizens in Denmark to stop using the NemID key card by the end of June 2022 and switch to MitID, regardless of the new deadline.

For chiefly security reasons, the European Union requires the financial sector to use applications instead of key cards.

“With the possibility that a limited number of citizens with a special need can use the cardboard card after 30 June 2022, we are confident the last citizens can get MitID in a timely fashion,” noted Michael Busk-Jepsen, the head of digitisation at Finans Danmark.