Siren testing will sound eerier than in previous years

Warning system will be tested four times tomorrow from noon

Did you know that today is World Asthma Day and tomorrow, once May the fourth is with you etc, World Star Wars Day.

Spare a thought for Darth Vader that he has to tolerate back-to-back days celebrating his biggest nemeses. 

Not to be left out, Denmark has two big days this week, and they’re kind of related: ahead of marking Liberation Day on Thursday, tomorrow is ‘Big Wailing Day’, the nickname given to the first Wednesday of every May when the emergency sirens are tested.

Four bursts starting at noon
At noon tomorrow, the sirens will be tested to make sure they are operational – a practice that began in 1994. The alarm will be played four times, each time lasting a total of 45 seconds. Expect a wailing that rises rapidly and decreases slowly.

The national siren system consists of 1,078 sirens mounted on buildings or poles in settlements with populations of more than 1,000 citizens, covering 80 percent of Denmark 

The police often use speakers to reach areas that are not covered.

Should it ever be real
Should the sirens ever be activated for real, people are urged to simply go inside and look for more info on DR and TV2.

In the meantime, you are advised to close doors and windows and shut down ventilation systems.

Don’t, whatever you do, call 112! Or play a practical joke on any fellow internationals oblivious to what’s going on … well, a few years ago we kind of beat you to it.