Iconic cake going gender neutral at Danish bakery

Hugely popular with kids and adults alike, the cake man/woman will become a cake person at Lagkagehuset in the spirit of diversity

The Danish birthday cake, Kagemand, is shaped like a human being. Source: Lagkagehuset

If you’ve been to a Danish birthday or anniversary celebration, there’s a good chance you’ve had a glimpse of the Kagemand (cake man) or Kagekone (cake woman). 

The cake, a staple in Denmark for generations, is in the shape of a boy or girl and is topped by sweets and winegums.

But at popular bakery chain Lagkagehuset, the iconic cake is about to undergo a historic change. 

In the near future, it will take a gender neutral name and form as a ‘Kageperson’ (cake person) in the name of diversity and inclusiveness. 

“For us, it’s important that we consider contemporary times, embracing the diversity that exists in society and provide options to those who don’t feel reflected in the binary gender representation,” Malin Gardeström, Lagkagehuset’s brand marketing head, told TV2 News.

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Diversity is not woke
Gardeström said that customers wanting the traditional version of the cake will need to call or show up at the shop to make adjustments.

But in a couple of months, the only cake available to order in the bakery’s app will be the gender neutral option.

“Is diversity the same as woke? We are not removing anything. We’ve simply adding something to make room for more desires,” said Gardeström.

Lagkagehuset operates over 100 bakeries in Denmark, as well as shops in London and New York. Over 600,000 people have downloaded its app.