Local Round-Up: Road paved for new city bus terminal

Elsewhere, Copenhagen Pride sees its office vandalised and there’s nothing fishy about Copenhagen’s latest world record 

In a bid to make it easier for passengers to board regional buses heading out of Copenhagen, City Hall has approved funding for a new bus terminal in Dybbølsbro.

Local politicians have greenlighted the additional 29 million kroner needed and Busterminal København is expected to be ready for use in the summer of 2023.

The project was initially put out to tender this spring, but the bids turned out to be considerably higher than the funds that had been allocated to the project by the municipality.

“We expect to sign a contract with entrepreneur CG Jensen A/S, who won the tender, in a very short time,” said road directorate Vejdirektoratet’s project manager, Niels Arend Koefoed.

“If everything goes according to plan, the first long-distance coaches will stop at Busterminal København already next year.”

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Almost 200 buses a day
A new terminal has been on the cards for a while now due to the traffic chaos hampering cyclists, cars and passengers on Ingerslevsgade by DGI Byen, where they currently stop.

The buses serve some 1.4 million passengers annually and the new terminal is expected to be able to handle about 195 departures every day. 

It will be located under Dybbølsbro Station between the railway tracks and Carsten Niebuhrs Gade adjacent to IKEA’s property and the Cabinn hotel.

The project is expected to cost 146 million kroner – 20 million kroner from the state and the rest from the municipality. 

City Hall rubbishes Østerbro bin decision
Earlier this year, the municipality replaced hundreds of rubbish bins across the city with bigger bins. The only problem, at least in Østerbro, was that there were far fewer bigger bins put out to replace the smaller bins they removed. Now, following numerous complaints and more trash in the streets, the city has admitted its error. Mayor for technical and environmental issues, Line Barfod, said that more bins would be appearing on the streets of Østerbro soon. 

A new record sleeping with the fishes
Last year, Copenhagen teamed up with the World Wildlife Foundation to establish 50 fish hotels (so called Biohuts) in the harbour to protect fish and promote biodiversity in the city’s waterfront area. Now, an additional 50 biohuts have been installed, which is an unofficial world record. The biohuts act as a storage chamber and place of refuge from bigger predators for smaller fish in their early life cycle. The initiative has been deemed a huge success and has helped promote a more diverse fish population in the waterfront area of the city. 

(photo: By & Havn)

Best new building awarded
According to the citizens of Copenhagen, the new-look Ny Østergade 30 building is the best new building in the city. The public’s prize at the annual municipal building awards was given to Ny Østergade 30 after it gained 2,860 votes, about a fifth of all votes cast. The new building, which is white and fits seamlessly with the area’s architecture, is located in a space that previously acted as a parking lot. It was the most popular among 36 buildings in the running. The city has awarded a prize for the best new building since 1903, while the public has been able to vote since 2018 – the Axel Towers won it that first year.

(photo: kk.dk)

CPH Pride offices vandalised
With a few weeks until Copenhagen Pride kicks off, its offices have been vandalised. A door was kicked in, a window was smashed and the outdoor planting in front of the office was ripped up and tossed on the street. None of the other shops on the street were vandalised, leaving the event’s organisers to conclude that the vandals had targeted CPH Pride specifically. The offices have been located on Farvergade since October and this is the first time anything like this has happened. The police arrived to take photos, secure possible evidence and are taking the incident seriously, contended a CPH Pride spokesperson. CPH Pride will take place on August 13-21. 

New Nordhavn square to open today
It may sound like it belongs in Russia, but Copenhagen got a brand new space today – the St Petersburg Square. Located in Nordhavn, the official grand opening will include picnic tents, coffee and a playful atmosphere from 16:00-17:30 … and everyone is welcome to attend. The square’s motif is inspired by the nearby sea, with big starfish and mussel shells for kids to play on. Located at the foot of the 24 meter-high P-hus Lüders parking building, the grassy area includes a sandbox and vines creeping up the side of the tall building. 

(photo: By & Havn)

Hundreds of new student homes in Nørrebro
CPH Village and rail operator DSB have teamed up to establish a new student area near Bispebjerg Station in Nørrebro. The new student village will contain some 362 homes that can be rented for an affordable 4,500 kroner. It is set to open for students this autumn. It’s not the first time that CPH Village has invested in student housing. In 2018 it established a container building that could house 164 students and it has another on the way in Nordhavn. In total is aspires to erect ten student villages in the coming years. 

Vegan food coming to municipal kitchens
A majority of City Hall have approved a proposal that paves the way for citizens to have a plant-based meal in municipality-run kitchens – including at cantines and schools. Local politicians from Red Bloc parties Alternativet, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti and Enhedslisten made up the majority for approval. Daycare institutions and kindergartens are not encompassed by the new law change proposal. No date has been set in relation to when the new initiative will be phased in.