Russia once again intrudes into Danish territory

Christian Wenande
June 17th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

This time a warship entered Danish waters near Bornholm while thousands attend Folkemødet political festival on the island

The Russian ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin, endured a scolding by the Foreign Ministry last month following the presence of a Russian plane in Danish airspace.

Now, Barbin has encountered yet another chastising after a Russian warship entered Danish territorial waters not once, but twice, on Thursday night.

“Once again, Russia ignores international rules by not respecting territorial borders. It has clearly been communicated to the Russian ambassador that these sorts of actions are completely unacceptable,” said foreign minister Jeppe Kofod.

“Let me say it clearly: Bullying methods don’t work on Denmark. We will not accept these kinds of Russian provocations.”

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Becoming a tradition
To make matters worse, the Russian warship entered Danish waters near the island of Bornholm, which is currently the scene of Folkemødet – a political festival in which many Danish politicians take part.

 The timing of the breach of territory was not lost on Kofod.

“I think it’s telling that Russia decides to launch these provocations using military vessels while we in Denmark celebrate democracy and free speech at Folkemødet. It speaks volumes,” said Kofod. 

It’s not the first time that the Russian military enters Danish territory near Bornholm during Folkemødet. 

In June 2014 it was a Russian surveillance aircraft which made the intrusion.


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