Danish bathing water to be checked for PFAS

Miljøstyrelsen is testing 50 parts of bathing water across Denmark for toxins that have already been found in Lemvig Kommune

It has been announced that several areas of bathing water across Denmark will be checked for PFAS following the discovery of the toxin in Lemvig Municipality in northwest Jutland.

Testing across Denmark
The municipality tested a 32 km stretch of coastline between Thyborøn and Bøvling Klit, and bathers are now advised to be cautious – especially of any sea foam that has washed ashore.

Miljøstyrelsen has announced plans to carry out further testing in 50 other parts of Denmark this month.

Still safe to swim
Although visitors have been advised to be cautious, Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed has stated that it is still safe to bathe in Vesterhavet.

No beaches will be inaccessible to the public.