SAS pilots begin strike

Jared Paolino
July 4th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

Nearly 1,000 SAS pilots are going on strike to ask for better wages and working conditions

SAS continues to have a turbulent summer (photo: brorsson)

After resuming negotiations yesterday, SAS and the airline’s pilot union have failed to reach an agreement. Now, almost 1,000 pilots are going on strike.

The pilots first threatened to strike in early June. They cited inadequate pay and working conditions, expressing dissatisfaction with the decision by SAS to hire new pilots to fill vacancies at its subsidiary airlines, SAS Link and SAS Connect, rather than re-hire former SAS pilots laid off due to the pandemic.

Bad news for flights and finances
“It is a bad day for the pilots and a really bad day for SAS,” Jacob Pedersen, the head of equity research at Sydbank, told DR. “Hopefully the parties will be wiser, because the money will flow out of SAS coffers next week. SAS is going directly into bankruptcy if they cannot agree.”

The strike means that a significant portion of SAS’s flights are likely to be affected by delays or cancellations. Pilots from SAS Link and SAS Connect, however, are not participating in the strike, so they will continue to fly.


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