‘Cruel, unjust, and senseless’ – Danish PM denounces Field’s shooting while thousands pay tribute

The four individuals who received serious injuries in the attack are now in stable condition and an investigation is being launched into the shooter’s psychiatric history

Thousands attended a memorial service last night to honour the victims of the Sunday shooting at the Field’s shopping centre that cost three people their lives and injured several more.

“Cruel, unjust and senseless. Tonight, we all mourn,” PM Mette Frederiksen told the crowd gathered outside Field’s. She called for unity in the face of the tragedy, thanked police and first responders, and expressed her condolences to those affected.

PM Mette Frederisksen at the gathering

“We share your pain
“We send warm thoughts and sympathy to you who are relatives, who had to wait in uncertainty for signs of life, and most of all to you who have lost one of your loved ones,” said the prime minister .

A boy and a girl, both aged 17, and a 46-year-old Russian man were killed in the attack, and four people were seriously injured.

“No words, no actions can atone for your loss. The suffering you are going through right now is unbearable,” said PM Frederiksen. “But you must know that the whole of Denmark is with you. We mourn with you, we share your pain.”

Injured in stable condition
All four people who were seriously injured in the shooting are now in a stable condition, the Capital Region of Denmark informed TV2 on Tuesday afternoon.

They are not out of the woods yet, however, as the Capital Region has said that the condition of the injured could still worsen.

According to Copenhagen Police, the seriously injured comprised two Danish female citizens aged 19 and 40, a male Swedish citizen aged 50, and a female Swedish citizen aged 16.

Investigation being launched
The Ministry of Health and the Capital Region of Denmark are launching an investigation into the suspect’s psychiatric history, said the Ministry of Health in a press release .

“The specific circumstances behind this tragic event need to be investigated further,” said the health minister, Magnus Heunicke. “I have therefore agreed with the Capital Region of Denmark that they initiate a thorough professional coverage of the suspected perpetrator’s contact with the psychiatric services. We must do everything possible to learn from the concrete process.”

Once the investigation has been completed, recommendations will be provided regarding any further action needed to prevent such tragedies in the future.