Novo Nordisk to help fund abortion travel for American employees

Novo Nordisk to help fund abortion travel for employees that need to travel to another state for abortion access

Novo Nordisk will extend financial support to employees in the US after the implementation of strict abortion laws, reports Politiken.

After the US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade on June 24, it is now illegal in many states in the US to have an abortion.

Due to the extreme mental and physical effects this can have on a person, these bans will also affect businesses in the US if people are not able to have an abortion in the state where they live.

As it is already illegal, or going to be illegal, in 13 states, anyone who needs to travel to another state in order to get an abortion will receive compensation from Novo Nordisk.

Prioritising their employees
The company has stated that it prioritises its employees’ health and by doing this hopes to ensure that everyone has equal access to the healthcare they deserve.

Not only will the compensation be given to anyone working at Novo Nordisk in the US, but it will also be extended to any other members of their household who is covered under the company’s medical plan.

As there are currently about 6,000 employees working for Novo Nordisk in seven different states across the US, this support will benefit many people.

Novo Nordisk is not the only company that has decided to help fund out-of-state abortions, as there are several other companies that have done the same, including, IKEA, Tesla, Starbucks and Microsoft.