Last chance to see supermoon in 2022

Tonight, for the second and final time this year, there will be an opportunity to witness the phenomenon known as the ‘supermoon’

The supermoon – a moon that appears slightly larger and brighter than usual – was last visible on June 12. After tonight, it won’t be back until 1 August 2023

Science of the supermoon
The moon’s oblong orbit around the Earth means the distance between the two celestial bodies varies throughout the month.  

When it is at its furthest point from Earth, the moon is over 400,000 kilometers away. When it is at its closest, like it will be tonight, the moon is only around 360,000 kilometers away.

When a full moon happens at the same time, you have a supermoon! According to NASA, supermoons appear 17 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than when the full moon is at its farthest point from Earth. Tonight’s moon will be the largest of the year.

When and where
In Denmark, the moon will rise at around 22:30 from the southeast. Local weather conditions will ultimately determine how much of the supermoon is viewable.

In Copenhagen, with clear to moderately cloudy skies on the forecast, amateur astronomers and other night sky enthusiasts alike should have a good chance of seeing the spectacle.

Nordhavn and Amager Strandpark are good places to try your luck. Otherwise, just find an open space and look southeast.