Housing sales stalling, property prices stable

Housing sales reached their lowest point of the year in June, according to figures released by Boligsiden. However, property prices remained stable overall.

According to Boligsiden, a total of 6,484 homes were sold by Danish estate agents – a figure that includes 4,018 houses, the lowest June number since 2014, and 1,047 flats.

Birgit Daetz, the communications director at Boligsiden, attributes the lower total sales volume to rising interest rates, inflation and rising energy prices.

House prices remain stable
Despite the significant drop in the number of homes sold, prices have remained at a high level.

According to Boligisidens Markedsindeks, the average price of a house sold rose by a minimum of 0.4 percent, while flat prices rose by 0.1 per cent.

“The reason why housing prices have remained stable may be the result of a combination of still low supply, high employment rates, and a lagging response to supply and demand,” added Daetz.