Number of people refused fertility treatment has increased – Region Syddanmark

At the same time, assessments of parental suitability before fertility treatment have become more frequent

New figures from Region Syddanmark indicate that the number of people refused fertility treatment in the past three years has nearly quadrupled.

While 25 rejections were recorded in Denmark in 2019, 94 were recorded in 2021.

This comes as the frequency of pre-treatment assessments of parental suitability is also on the rise. The number of investigations rose from 91 cases in 2019 to 220 in 2021.

Experts split

On the one hand, certain experts believe the increased scrutiny of potential parents is overall beneficial.

“[We doctors] talk about how we should rather ask for one assessment too many than one too few,” said Helle Olesen Elbæk, head of a fertility clinic in Skive, to Kristeligt Dagblad.

However, others believe that the parameters of assessments should be clearer.

“The increase calls for greater transparency about what can lead to refusal of treatment,” said Janne Rothmar Hermansen from the University of Copenhagen.

According to Region Syddanmark, the woman or couple is assessed on the basis of mental health, reports of abuse, and the number of children they already have. However, unnamed “other factors” are also listed as relevant to investigations.