Tivoli Friheden will reopen to visitors this week

According to the park’s website, visitors will be allowed back to the park this Wednesday

Tivoli Friheden, the Aarhus amusement park that was temporarily closed after a fatal roller coaster accident last week, will reopen to visitors on July 20.

The roller coaster in question, the Cobra, will be closed permanently. In addition to Thursday’s accident, the ride was the site of a 2008 incident that left several parkgoers injured.

Henrik Ragborg Olesen, the park’s manager, has accepted responsibility for the accident.

“I’m in charge here, so I’m to blame,” Olesen told TV2.

Plans for “soft opening”
The park has previously said it will have a “soft opening” in which visitors will be allowed to visit the park but will not be allowed on any rides.

In the meantime, as the East Jutland Police continue their investigation into the cause of the accident, Tivoli Friheden has undertaken an inspection of its attractions.

The park has asked the company responsible for the annual approval of the its rides to “go through it all over and over again on an extra-extraordinary inspection”, Henrik Ragborg Olesen, the park’s manager, told TV2

“It is not because we expect to get something out of it, but it is to reassure the operators and the colleagues who will open the rides,” said Olesen.