You can now claim compensation if you were the victim of NemKonto fraud

Anyone scammed by fraudsters who effectively took over their NemKonto, the preferred bank account to which all state and municipal-related payments are made, will be able to collect compensation.

The scheme will run for six months until January 2023 and victims will be able to claim compensation retroactively for up to 10 years.

A common scam in recent years has seen fraudsters access a victim’s NemID and use it to switch their NemKonto to another account to receive all SU, salary, benefit payments for as long as they can.

In the past, such losses were usually irrecoverable. However, thanks to Parliament, a compensation scheme has been approved.

“It is important to us that all citizens trust and feel safe using NemKonto. Although a very small proportion is affected, we take all cases of fraud seriously,” said Tanja Franck, the head of Digitaliseringsstyrelsen.

Find out more information about how to get compensated via Digitaliseringsstyrelsen’s website.