Dark winter ahead: No more fixed rates for electricity company customers from November

The fixed tariff agreement already in place will be suspended in November.

Electricity prices have soared in 2022 due to a combination of factors – not least the War in Ukraine, which has caused great inconvenience to electricity consumers.

So it was convenient for customers of Slagelse-based electricity company SK Energi that it offered fixed tariff agreements, which meant that no matter how much electricity prices rose, they simply paid the agreed price per kilowatt hour.

But now according to Henrik Birch, the managing director of SK Energi, these agreements will have to be terminated at the beginning of November.

Unprecedented situation
“It is a highly unusual situation, and I can only deeply regret that we are doing it. But I think we have to, because we don’t know what will happen next winter,” he told DR.

He understands that customers may feel betrayed – after all, the agreement was signed to prevent price fluctuations – but he also hopes they will understand that SK Energi has to make this decision.

In the meantime, Energistyrelsen has provided a detailed overview of how the war will affect Denmark, including the issue of electricity and gas energy supply. Visit the website to see how you can best prepare for the winter.