Huge rise in demand for wood stoves as Russia reduces gas supply to Europe

North Jutland furnace producer concedes that labour shortage is preventing if from supplying quick delivery

As Russia continues to reduce its gas deliveries to Germany, the wood stove market is facing an unprecedented surge in demand, both from customers in Denmark and Germany.

“Our stoves are worth their weight in gold right now,” Anders Kajgaard, the factory manager at North Jutland stove manufacturer Rais, told Nordjyske.

Labour shortages
Germany has always been the plant’s largest market, and demand for stoves now far exceeds the plant’s capacity.

“In the past, we were able to ship from our warehouse, but now the latest orders are already scheduled until next March,” added Kajgaard.

Rais is now looking to recruit more staff to cope with the continued growth in order volumes.

Increased profits
Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a general increase in demand for products that can improve the home environment, including stoves.

This is directly reflected in Rais’s earnings. In 2019 its profit after tax was only 2.4 million kroner, but this year it is forecast to reach 16.1 million.