Why Is It Important To Clean Sex Toys?

Although somewhat still a taboo, there has probably not been a single person who hasn’t considered giving sex toys a try. Raise your hand if you too have a favorite sex toy somewhere  hidden somehwere private, but easily accessible. If you owe any sex toys, you hopefully already know how to clean them properly. But if you’re just considering getting one, you may still be wondering what’s the best way to do it. That’s why we’ve decided to pay more attention to this very important topic and share some tips that will not only help you keep your sex toys clean, but also help you ensure you stay healthy and happy using them.

The importance of cleaning sex toys
Playing with sex toys can be lots of fun. But you need to make sure you clean them properly before and after each use to ensure that there are no potential issues caused by unclean sex toys that could hinder your overall experience. And if you don’t already own a sex toy but you’d really want to get your hands on some of the best ones, check out  Sinful for some ideas and inspiration.

  • Improper cleaning and storage of sex toys can lead to some serious health issues
  • From a health point of view, you also need to clean the sex products before using them every time to avoid contact with dirt, bacteria, and the possible spreading of various infections.
  • You can also increase your risk of getting in contact with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or other infections if your sex toys are not cleaned or stored properly. Remember that germs can develop anywhere, so make sure you reduce the risk of contracting anything nasty by leaning your toys once you’re done playing.

When is the right time to clean your sex toys?
Since sex toys are usually very personal, many people don’t commonly discuss their use with their doctor. That is, they’re not usually the main “suspect” when things happen to go wrong, health-wise.  But the fact of the matter is that poorly kempt sex toys may cause more problems than you could imagine. So, as we’ve said previously, make sure you give them a proper clean before and after each use. Remember, if you’ve used it or you intend on using it, it is always the right time to wash it. So, don’t be lazy but take proactive care of your health by cleaning your sex toys on a regular basis and ensuring that they’re always properly stored.