7-Eleven stores closed due to hacker attack

Benedicte Vagner
August 9th, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

Sale of tickets shouldn’t be affected by 7-Elevens being closed at most train stations across Denmark

A cyber attack is behind the closure of most Danish 7-Eleven stores (photo: 7-Eleven DK)

7-Eleven stores were closed on Monday evening as employees were unable to accept payments or use their cash tills after the system shut down.

The company then announced on Facebook that it had experienced a cyber-attack and this is what caused the shutdown of the computer systems – the company is still working to solve the problem.

Out of the approximate 175 7-Eleven stores in Denmark, there are currently only five that are open, as they can accept cash and MobilePay.

The five open stores are located at Vesterbrogade 77, Lyngby Storcenter, Buddinge Station in Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, and Gammel Kongevej 111 in Frederiksberg.

DSB is not worried
A lot of the 7-Elevens in Denmark are located at train stations, and DSB have said that it doesn’t think it will affect ticket sales.

The lack of concern is largely because 90 percent of DSB tickets are sold through the DSB app or covered by travel cards, rather than at 7-Eleven.

Stores will remain closed temporarily – 7-Eleven is yet to state when they will re-open.

However, it is still possible for customers to pick up their GLS packages.


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