Government seeks to build affordable housing on Christiania

The freetown’s residents have been given an opportunity to purchase Christianshavn’s Vold rampart … but there’s a hitch

The government has revealed it has offered Copenhagen freetown Christiania the chance to buy its half of the Vold rampart for 67 million kroner.

As part of the deal, Christiania must open up and allow 15,000 sqm of affordable housing to be built in an offer that will expire later this month. 

“It’s important to underline that it’s a ‘take it or leave it’ offer,” said the housing minister Christian Rabjerg Madsen.

“Christiania’s residents have had the summer to look through the deal, with which they’ve had follow-up questions. We have replied to those and Christiania has until August 29 to come back with an answer.”

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Prime real-estate
The government said that Christiania’s failure to sign the state’s offer by that date will be interpreted as declining the offer.

Furthermore, should Christiania not sign, nine buildings will be moved – something that the state says it will be able to demand at the expense of the freetown.

Meanwhile, state loans and guarantees relating to the renovation of buildings have also expired so Christiania could face having to pay for building upkeep as well.

“We want to create homes on Christiania for nurses, pedagogues, social workers and others. We need to open up the area, normalise it, make it safer and fight crime – for the benefit of everyone,” said Madsen.