What Is A-Kasse In Denmark?

A-kasse is a Danish term that refers to an association of salaried employees. The name is derived from the word arbejdskasse, which translates to “work box.” In order to become a member of an A-kasse, you must be employed in Denmark and paying taxes in the country. 

A-kasses are regulated by the Danish government and are required to provide certain services to their members, such as unemployment benefits, job counseling, and educational courses. There are over 60 A-kasses in Denmark, each with its own membership requirements and benefits package. 

While most A-kasses are open to all salaried employees, some may have restrictions based on factors such as age, occupation, or industry. For example, certain A-kasses may only be open to members who are under the age of 30 or who work in a specific industry. 

In order to become a member of an A-kasse, you must first find one that suits your needs and then pay the associated membership fee. If you are intrigued by this concept and want to know more about a-kasse in Denmark, do your research. One of the most important things you need to know is that the membership fee is different for every organization, and it also depends on your situation (employed, student etc.)

The Membership Conditions
Even though most people can join any of the A-kasse, there are some rules they need to respect. For example, being a member of an unemployment fund is voluntary. But, if you choose not to be a member of an A-kasse, you are not covered if you lose your job and become unemployed.

That is usually why most young and employed people in Denmark are members. If you came to this beautiful country to find your dream job, then you simply need to become a member of an A-kasse.

The members of an a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) finance its activities through their membership and by paying labor market contributions.

The Benefits Of Being A Member Of An A-kasse
Many people who come to Denmark usually ask what is a A-kasse and when they get the answer, they become a member right after they find a job. When you consider the benefits, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here are some of the best benefits of being a member.
– payment of unemployment benefit (dagpenge)
– holiday pay (feriedagpenge) when you get unemployment benefits, and so-called efterløn, which is a special pension through membership to the a-kasse
– agreement guidance
– contact information for the Jobcenter
– outreach work to help the unemployed living in Denmark back into employment

Should You Become A Member Even If You Are Staying In Denmark For A Short Period Of Time?
The answer is yes. The costs of living in Denmark are pretty high and you need a job if you want to have a beautiful life there. Even if you are staying for a short while, you should become a member of an A-kasse.

It is safe to say that becoming a member is not too complicated. But, you need to be on your best behavior, show your respect, and show the board that you are a responsible person.