Public transport tickets to rise in cost, according to DSB

High inflation and expensive energy chiefly behind expected increase

The administrative director of DSB, Flemming Jensen, has said that the price of tickets for public transport will increase in the next year.

The increase in energy prices and the rise in inflation will affect ticket prices and will cause transport companies to raise prices of their standard tickets.

However, DSB will still attempt to sell cheaper tickets to their customers such as the orange-tickets.

Rise in costs
In the first half of 2021, DSB has had additional expenses in electricity and diesel of 124 million kroner, and they believe that in the second half of the year it could be between 180-200 million kroner.

Even though DSB had covered 91 percent of their expected oil use and 68 percent of their expected electricity use, they still experienced additional expenses. The costs are only expected to increase in 2023, which may have further effects on ticket prices when the time comes.