Don’t miss ‘Taste & Feel Portugal’ or you’ll turn green with envy

Take your tastebuds on the trip of their lifetime on September 23

Have you ever noticed that ‘verde’, the Danish word for ‘world’, is the Portuguese word for ‘green’? 

Given our quest for a greener world, it’s no wonder Denmark and Portugal are such kindred spirits!

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Some classic Portuguese staples
From its delicious soup ‘Caldo Verde’ to its former African island colony ‘Cape Verde’, Portugal clearly likes naming things after the colour green, and you can add ‘Vinho Verde’ to the list, a delicious wine the organisers of Taste & Feel Portugal intend to serve to their guests at a tasting session/cooking class in Copenhagen on September 23.

Organised by InovCluster – Agro-Industrial Cluster Association under the scope of Taste & Feel Portugal Project, the event is open to anyone interested in expanding their palate in all things Portuguese.

From 16:30 to 19:00, participants in the class will be placed in the capable hands of Chef Hassan Chour, who will demonstrate how to make some classic Portuguese staples. 

The class will be held at a venue in central location located at Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 1. Come with a thirst for knowledge and hunger for goodies.

Paired with a perfect Portuguese white
Chef Chour will prepare a menu of Herrings with Trás-os-Montes Olive Oil, Portuguese chestnuts and a salad with flowers, before inviting the class to sample it together with a glass of Vinho Verde – no, not a green wine, but derived from green fruits: a crisp, aromatic, slightly spritzy white that pairs magnificently with the dishes.

The wine, in case you haven’t guessed, is named after the area of its origin in northern Portugal: one of the largest and oldest wine regions in the world, which has a global reputation for producing fresh, balanced, award-winning vintages. 

All in all, they are perfect pairings for Portuguese products like the ones on the menu, which will also include some classic starters from their homeland. 

Furthermore, given that the aim of the event is to promote high-quality Portuguese food products in the Danish market, a Danish dessert, Romkugler, will be included in the proceedings for good measure!

Registration a click away
So, what are you waiting for: sign up to ‘Taste & Feel Portugal’ on September 23. Click on this link to register.

The Taste & Feel Portugal Project aims to promote the internationalisation of the agri-food industry in co-ordination with the wine tourism industry, boosting the increase in exports and strengthening the international competitiveness of SMEs in the North, Center and Alentejo regions.

Headquartered at the Agro-Food Technological Center in Castelo Branco, Portugal, InovCluster aims to contribute to the increase in competitiveness of the local and regional productive systems and to the consolidation of the Central Region of Portugal at a national and international level. InovCluster associates include hundreds of different food producers from a wide range of food categories.

For more information, contact Ana Gonçalves via or+351 934 630 895.