Denmark to deploy tanks abroad for first time years

The Defence has sent over a dozen Leopard 2A7 battle tanks to Estonia today as part of the NATO mission Forward Presence

For the first time in 19 years, Denmark has deployed a squadron of battle tanks to a mission abroad.

The Defence announced today that it has sent 14 of its Leopard 2A7 battle tanks to Estonia as part of NATO’s Forward Presence mission.

The tanks departed from the barracks in Holstebro this morning and will be stationed in Tapa, Estonia for the next six months. 

“We are talking about a deployment that is historic in many ways,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kristian Kold, the head of the 1st Tank Battalion with the Jutland Dragoon Regiment.

“It’s the first deployment of the upgraded Leopard 2A7 for an international mission, and it’s the first time we send a squadron with four-car divisions and 14 battle tanks as part of an international mission.”

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Response to Russian aggression
Kold also said it was the first time Denmark has deployed an entire tank squadron since one returned from the Balkans in 2003.

The tanks will be transported to the port in Fredericia, before being shipped to Estonia.

NATO’s Forward Presence mission relates to security challenges presented by Russia’s intensified presence in the Baltic Region and due to the War in Ukraine. 

Aside from the tanks, the Defence will also deploy 160 troops to the base in Tapa.