Denmark seeks to acquire new defence radars 

The French-produced Ground Master 200 radar can pick up aircraft, drones and rockets from a distance of up to 400 km 

According to a new EU report, Denmark has moved to significantly improve its radar capabilities in the near future. 

The report showed that the Defence is seeking to acquire five new Ground Master 200 radars, which can spot aircraft, drones and rockets from a distance of up to 400 km.

It’s the first major Defence purchase made since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year and Parliament decided to increase Denmark’s military budgets.

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Contract signature pending
According to military analyst Hans Peter Michaelsen, the five French-manufactured radars will significantly improve Denmark’s airspace surveillance. 

“I think it’s for the Defence to use to see threats coming from far away and to erase the areas in Denmark where existing radars have poor coverage,” Michaelsen told DR Nyheder.

Ther five Ground Master 200 radars are set to be purchased from the government in the Netherlands in a deal worth over 540 million kroner. 

However, the Defence said that while it intends to acquire the radars, a contract has yet to be signed.

There have been several instances of the Russian military intruding into Danish territory this year.