Chilly morning in Denmark suggests it might be time to dig out the gloves from storage

Temperatures sink to 3 degrees in Jutland, with even colder weather forecast for tomorrow morning

Friday brings the Autumn Equinox, and often this makes perfect sense, as summer tends to ignore the calendar and last well into September in Denmark.

But not this year: we can safely draw a line under the 2022 total of summer days, and banish all talk of there being an Indian summer.

Half the population is already grumbling about the lack of central heating at work and in public buildings – invariably without the slightest whiff of irony, given the price of energy right now.

If winter prognoses were based on early bird September assessments, we would be in for a horror show heading into 2023. Fortunately, the two are rarely linked. 

Cold in Legoland
Taking a move directly out of Danish winter’s playbook, Denmark woke up to its coldest morning of the month today, with temperatures as low as 3 degrees in Billund in Jutland, where the Lego is in danger of freezing together.

For once, we have a lack of cloud cover to blame for it being a chillier day than normal. Bar some isolated rain here and there – leftovers from yesterday’s thunderstorms – it’s mostly sunny with clear blue skies across the country, and particularly in the east around the capital.

Temperatures are expected to soar to between 15 and 17 degrees this afternoon, but don’t be deceived, as Tuesday morning is expected to be slightly colder than Monday, with 2 degrees forecast in parts of Jutland.

So if you haven’t said goodbye to the summer yet, you’re best advised to put the skirts and short-sleeved shirts in storage and grab your gloves while you’re at it.