Hang up your claws, Hedwig! PostNord is testing parcel deliveries using drones

Postal service says the day when packages arrive by ai weighing up to several hundred kilo could be just around the corner

The post service PostNord has been testing parcel deliveries using drones across Zealand. A drone was recently released from a post terminal in Køge, south of Copenhagen, to a private residence in Slagelse in west Zealand – a distance of 50 km.

PostNord used a fixed-wing drone, which means it can take off and land like a helicopter, but can fly longer distances like an aeroplane.

The drone has a maximum speed of 150 kilometres per hour, but on this occasion its speed did not exceed 100 km/h. In certain weather and wind conditions, it is advised not to travel too fast.

Exciting times
“Exploring the possibilities of drone delivery is exciting, but there are still a number of obstacles in the field that limit the use of the technology today. But who knows what the future holds?” commented Stine Sander, the deputy head of parcel deliveries at PostNord Denmark. 

According to PostNord, the drones can only deliver small packages, but the possibility that drones could soon be capable of carrying several hundred kilos could be just around the corner.

However, there are currently no concrete plans for drone deliveries to be incorporated into PostNord’s services.