Government party in favour of investigation into claims made by ‘IS undercover agent’

Case of Ahmed Samsam should be looked at, concedes Socialdemokratiet, but not before the general election

Government party Socialdemokratiet concedes that an investigation is required to look into the case of Ahmed Samsam, the Dane currently serving eight years for his involvement with IS whose claims that he was spying for Danish intelligence agencies will be heard by the High Court, but strongly suggests that any deep discussion should wait until after the general election.

Pressure has been growing from the Red Bloc parties for an investigation to be rubberstamped as soon as possible to the extent that a political majority is now in favour. Only Nye Borgerlige is vehemently against an investigation.

“We are going to support a commission investigation after a legal end has been reached in our courts,” confirmed the justice minister, Mattias Tesfaye, to TV2.

“The matters being discussed concern Denmark’s intelligence services. It requires special consideration.”

Case will be held at High Court
After being found guilty of being part of IS in Syria, Ahmed Samsam, a Dane with Syrian heritage, was arrested in June 2017 and sentenced to eight years in prison in Spain in 2018.

However, in 2020, Berlingske published a story backing up Samsam’s long-held claims he was an undercover agent, working in collaboration with the PET and FE intelligence services to whom he passed on information obtained on his trips to Syria between 2012 and 2015.

Both of them deny this, which is why Samsam is taking his lawsuit against them to the High Court.

Ahmed Samsam’s lawyer, Erbil Kaya, believes that it is certainly more important to investigate his client’s case than Lars Findsen, the former head of FE.