Nyhavn named one of the best tourist attractions in Europe

Famous ‘street’ the only Scandinavian entry on list

Copenhagen’s got ‘The Little Mermaid’, but it’s often queried what Stockholm, Oslo or Helsinki have in comparison. The Sibelius Monument maybe … if you can find it.

Additionally, the Danish capital has historic Nyhavn, its most famous street. Or it would be if it wasn’t a canal.

And now thanks to yet another poll, the Danes have something more to crow about to their Nordic cousins.

Holiday Cars has placed Nyhavn on its list of the Top 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Europe.

From the Nordics, only Iceland’s Blue Lagoon also made the list.

Number 21 in Europe
This 17th-century district is known for its beauty and joy of life. In 2017, CNN named Nyhavn one of the happiest places in the world.

The site, located in central Copenhagen, is 21st on Holiday Cars list, which is topped by the Eiffel Tower.

“This quintessentially Danish landmark is one of the country’s most popular spots. The site has amassed more than 605,000 Instagram hashtags, 3.9 million TikTok views and close to 5 million google searches,” purred Holiday Cars.

“Established by King Christian V in the 18th century, Nyhavn (New Port) quickly became a hub for trading and social activity. Today, thousands of people hotfoot here to get a snap next to the rows of old colourful houses and follow in the footsteps of renowned writers like Hans Christian Anderson. The oldest house dates back to 1681 and it’s hardly changed a bit.”

Make that 17th century, Holiday Cars, 17th century, but we’ll forgive you this one little error for putting our favourite ‘street’ on your European map.