COVID-19 vaccines available to under-50s from November 15

From the beginning of next week, it will be possible to book a jab via the various Statens Serum Institut channels

It will soon be possible for people outside the risk groups – which include all over-50s – to buy the latest COVID-19 booster, the fourth vaccination injection made available to the public. The first jabs will be available from November 15.

This option might particularly appeal to two groups of people: those who have never had COVID-19 and might fear their last vaccination is wearing off; and those who had it, suffered badly and might not want to go through a similar experience.

Clearly many people under the age of 50, particularly children, have experienced COVID-19 over the last three years with minimal symptoms.

While it is believed over 90 percent of the population have contracted COVID-19 at least once, there are still many young adults – particularly those who rarely come into contact with children – who have not yet had it.

Competition for jabs
Starting from Monday November 7, bookings can be made via Statens Serum Institut (SSI). The doses are variant-updated. They include Pfizer’s Cominarty vaccine and Moderna’s SpikeVax, which are both approved by the Sundhedsstyrelsen health authority.

The jabs will be administered at the centres being currently used to hand out the free vaccinations to the vulnerable groups, as well as by GPs, and times are subject to availability.

Certainly, many over-50s have times booked beyond November 15, so there might be competition for times initially.

Price will vary
The decision to offer a fourth jab to people over 50 was announced in September.

The price of the vaccine will be subsidised. It will cover the institute’s handling, packaging and transport costs, along with the costs of the vaccinator. Prices will accordingly vary.

A ceiling has been set on how many doses are available, so it is advised to book your appointment as quickly as possible.