Performance Preview: In the name of the father, the son and the holy bench

Explosive night of improv in store at Literaturhus as Adrian Mackinder and Charlie Waller join forces for the first time since 2017

Adrian Mackinder first met Charlie Waller on a bench. Neither had sat on it before, so an altercation did not ensue about whose right it was to sleep on it.

And it didn’t end up being a suppressed alibi in yet another miscarriage of justice in the country they both call home. Neither have Irish names, after all.

Return to the Bench
The bench in question was a prop. Or at least it was a bench, but requisitioned as a prop for a short duration: the run of their play ‘The Zoo Story’, which they performed together at the original House of International Theatre in November 2017.

They had, of course, met before: that would be ridiculous … the two stars of a Edward Albee classic turning up on opening night having never rehearsed.

First performance for five years
Or maybe that’s not as absurd as it sounds: on Saturday November 5 they’re meeting at a bench again, this time at LiteraturHaus in Nørrebro, and this time they don’t even have a script.

It’s their first bout of improv since 2017. So call it ‘The Zoo Story 2: The Reunion’ if you like. Although they’re just keeping it simple and calling it ‘BENCH’. 

Seeing double double
Eoin O Sullivan from the Coping in Copenhagen podcast, which you can find at, and old sparring partner Sarah McGillion from Inconspicuous Comedy are onboard too with a show called ‘Moving Entranceways’. Some distinctly Irish names there, Flying Squad.

So the four of them are double-billing as part of a Inconspicuous Comedy night called ‘Seeing Double’ and, as an extra bonus, all four will join forces in the second half.

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