Majority expects to lower the heating this winter

Survey from Energistyrelsen indicates that over 60 percent of people in Denmark are preparing to save on energy compared to last year

It looks like people in Denmark are going to utilise their woolly jumpers and socks a little more this winter compared to last year.

A new survey from the Energistyrelsen energy authority shows that 61 percent of the public expect to keep their heating bills in check via lower temperatures in their homes. 

“We face an extraordinary situation with record-high energy prices and challenged supply security,” said Energistyrelsen deputy head, Stine Leth Rasmussen.

“So it’s really good that so many Danes are prepared to save on heating over winter, even though the reasoning behind doing so is sad.”

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Saving money and sticking it to Putin
Rasmussen said that the public can save 5 percent from their heating consumption for every degree home temperatures are lowered. 

However, it’s important to maintain room temperatures of at least 18 degrees to avoid mould growing. 

The most popular response by survey respondents as to why they are willing to reduce heating in their homes was to save money, followed by reducing Denmark’s dependency on energy from Russia and then doing something good for the environment.

The survey also showed that 72 percent of Danes are ready to reduce their electricity consumption compared to last winter.